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Phase I: Detailed Analysis

Understanding your needs and challenges
Phase I – we work with our clients to understand their support needs and existing challenges. This report quickly identifies the areas that are in good shape (green status). Areas that require attention, but are not time sensitive or business critical (yellow status) and areas that require immediate attention (red status). For areas with a yellow or red status, we provide good, better, best recommendations. This is an important process, as we work with our clients to provide the appropriate solution for their support and unique needs. We believe each client will have different needs, and the Enterprise Systems AU team will work to ensure that we understand your needs.
Bob Collie, Enterprise Systems AU

Phase II: Implementation

Making the Necessary Changes
Phase II, we implement the solution while minimizing end-user disruption. Each registered user will receive an email verification to join the Enterprise Systems AU Support Portal. The user will have access to the Enterprise Systems AU knowledge base and video library. Online Training videos will be made available from the Enterprise Systems AU Support Portal.
Key goals of the Implementation Phase include:
  • Minimize disruption to end-users.
  • Deliver a complete solution that has been approved by the client and met all the requirements.
  • Communicated each stage of the plan to our clients.
Lisa Fitzgerald, Enterprise Systems AU

Phase III: Documentation

Retain and Share Know-How
Phase III, we take the notes developed during the Implementation Phase and convert them into a comprehensive documentation repository. This process helps prevent any individual from being the only source of knowledge for any process. A complete set of documentation for each process is always shared with our clients as part of our commitment to practice what we recommend. We also provide how-to documents and videos geared for end-users to maximize productivity.
Steve Frankland, Enterprise Systems AU

Phase IV: Maintenance

Proactively Maintaining Enterprise Systems AU FM
Enterprise Systems AU will ensure critical technology components are fully operational when they are needed. Our methodology is comprised of:
  • Proactively apply application updates – monthly updates include all new product features
  • Notification of new features and advise client of the new release
  • Development | Test environment that will allow our clients test new features
  • Implement a comprehensive backup plan for all business-critical data – backups are hourly or daily | weekly | monthly | yearly – with a retention period of 52 weeks for each type of backup
  • Recovery Time Objective | Recovery Point Objective (RTO | RPO) – it will take 30 minutes (minimum) to restore any previous version of their SQL database. This ensures any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Scheduled maintenance and application updates are performed out of normal business hours and Enterprise Systems AU provide end-users with 24 hour advance warning regarding planned outages. Application updates are applied monthly, and the outage is normally less than 15 minutes
Alissa Kalgan, Enterprise Systems AU

Phase V: Review and Improve

Plan for Next Week, Next Month, Next Year
 We maintain the highest standards via:
  • End user training via the Enterprise Systems AU Support Portal
  • Scheduled review of client operations
  • Scheduled meetings with clients to ensure expectations are being delivered
  • Regular review of systems and discuss new feature requests, when requested
Vanessa Moore, Enterprise Systems AU


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